For healtcare professionals

Our solutions are best suited for complex clinical symptoms, whether a thin and stable design or highest possible pressure distribution and plantar pain relief are required.

Each and every insole is individually configured and built to order. The range of solutions for your and your patients' needs is almost endless. Every configuration leads to a unique individual result and is intended to meet your particular expectations.

Our handcrafted orthotics combine functionality and stability while offering custom modules and correction possibilities which you can select at will.

Only selected and certificated materials which are perfectly matched with each other are used for our products.

The Fusion line´s centrepiece is handcrafted and made from glass and carbon fiber. This unique cores with thin and flexible heel areas ensure an optimal arch support and provide a natural feel at the same time.

We also use state - of - the - art CAD/CAM systems to achieve the most accurate results and the highest possible pressure distribution.

Optimized production methods ensure a full reproducibility for any follow-up orders.

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