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About us

More than 60 years of combined professional experience and the feedback from thousands of satisfied customers across many countries allowed us to turn our best ideas into the innovative products which we proudly present to you.


Our foot care solutions respond to the demanding and complex needs of our customers. Each and every product is individually designed and assembled to ensure the desired effect.


Because you deserve it.

"Never stop striving for perfection"

 Andreas Lorenz, company owner


All our actions and efforts are focused on solving health issues.

The use of high quality materials and state of the art manufacturing processes define our high standards. We want to provide to you the best products and support possible.

Besides his great wealth of experience in the field of biomechanics, Andreas Lorenz is also an anvid sports enthusiast and participant athlete. Therefore he understands very well the needs and complaints that are caused by different sports.


He took 4th place in the 24-hour MTB World Championship race in 2011 and he still rides his bike to work every day.

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